This book, which celebrates Children’s Day/World Book Day is one of the most magical and whimsical pieces of literature you will ever pick up.Every time you pick it up, we promise you’ll want to revel in every turn of the page. The nutshell? Glimpses of children reading all over the world on World Book Day.  Each illustration feels straight out of the imagination of a child who has just discovered the power of stories, and reminds me to always work to get books in the hands of all the children around me. And for the rest of my life, I will now always celebrate Children’s Day/World Book Day.

We LOVE Pat Mora. Mora’s stories roll off the tongue easily in English AND Spanish, and this imaginative tale of getting lost in stories and books on Children’s Day is our absolute favorite. It brings us back to the very beginning: that world-opening moment when we first learned to read, and suddenly stories were all around us for us to explore.

Rafael’s artwork is straight-up magical! Full of vibrant colors inspired by the streets of Mexico, these illustrations are so beautiful and whimsical, I find myself turning the pages over and over again (even when the kids aren’t around). Whenever I get my hands on Rafael’s artwork, I feel inspired to create, and I am reminded of how art and beauty rejuvenate our hearts, and of what a huge gift to the world sharing our creativity is.
For making the world a more beautiful place, for sharing your art with us, and for bringing people together with your art, thank you Rafael Lopez.

We love that the children in this book are from a variety of cultures, reading in places all over the world, and even reading in different languages. It’s a great opportunity to show how we can have stories, imagination, even reading in common across different languages and cultures, while also having a chance to celebrate what is unique and different about each of us.

For us it provided an opportunity to throw a fiesta with our neighbors to celebrate our children and also celebrate the beautiful gift of reading in different languages, something we plan to do every year for years to come.

Book Fiesta!
Written by Pat Mora
Illustrated by Rafael Lopez

Pick it up at your local independent bookstore,
like Starline Books in Chattanooga,

or find it here at Amazon!
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