The sweetest tale of thanks-giving, Gracias Thanks is pure gold. This bilingual work of art celebrates all the tiny things. ‘For the ladybug that landed on my finger, thanks’. Each page is a chorus of gratitude that teaches children (and reminds adults!) how to find beauty in every day, and to stop and wonder at each day’s gifts. When fall begins, we read it every day as part of our extended Thanksgiving, helping us say “Gracias” for all the every day beauties.

Everything is here. The story is simple, and feels like a day we have all experienced. Unrolling lines of thanks one after another, this poetry reads easily in English & in Spanish.

This was the book that hooked me on John Parra too– the first one in my now ever-expanding collection. His artwork is whimsical fantasy that captures all the warmth of familia. Parra (a decorated illustrator and artist) draws on his own Latino heritage for inspiration in his work, and his love for Mexican folk art comes through in this sweet, simple tale. Cozy, colorful, vibrant– he creates a true feeling of beauty in the every day, reminding us of the magic that’s all around us, if we’re only willing to stop, see it, and revel in gratitude. 

Another bilingual gem, Gracias Thanks is full of illustrations that hearken to the Mexican zocalo, or town center, and every day life for families in Central America. This is the perfect scene for kids who aren’t familiar with Mexico to explore what life might look like for a kid in that country, and for Latino kids to see some small reflection of their heritage represented and celebrated in a beautiful book.



Gracias Thanks
Written by Pat Mora
Illustrated by John Parra

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