The text is straight from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s, “I Have a Dream” speech. It’s broken up into small bits on each page, which makes it an easy way to introduce or engage children with the content of his historic speech. 

I make it a practice to find everything I can illustrated by Kadir Nelson. His work is incredible- expressive, emotive painterly realism that sheds excellence with every tiny brushstroke. His work, from grand scale composition to tiniest detail, is breathtaking and inspirational. This book is a must-have, as Nelson’s artwork is the perfect setting for visually unwrapping and celebrating Dr. King’s speech. The illustrations are striking and engaging, and will delight children and adults alike as they remember this important moment in history.

Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech was a landmark speech in the middle of the Civil Rights movement and the history of the US, as well as a momentous statement about the importance of all people treating another with respect. His heart for justice, reconciliation, and togetherness across all cultures and skin colors come out in an exhortation to come together, celebrate one another, and work for a better world for us all. This historic speech is one we cannot leave out of our library or our children’s education, and we are ecstatic to see such a beautiful and accessible rendition of it.

Kadir Nelson’s artwork celebrates blackness, letting kids see a variety of skin tones represented and celebrated as they are! For this reason, we collect everything we can of his artwork, so our kids can see incredible skill used to express all our different gifts and our wide range of beauty. Our children see children who look like them represented here, as well as people of all different cultures coming together, getting an illustrated vision of Dr. King’s dream.

Kadir Nelson himself is an African-American artist, who creates excellent artwork and is passionate about children’s books that teach respect. He is a role model for all of our children, and we love to share his story when we read and teach from his books. He is an example to all our kids of the amazing things they can accomplish.

I Have a Dream
Written by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

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