“Why are you sitting in that box?”
“It’s not a box!”
The simplest of concepts told in a quick dialogue style, with sweet lively line drawings to kickstart the imagination.
Sure to delight the youngest readers, this reads aloud perfectly, with increasing emotion set to kickstart giggles.
The nutshell? A rabbit plays with a cardboard box, imagining it to be all sorts of delightful things.
(And it’s the reason we cleared out all our toys and brought in only cardboard boxes for a month this spring!)

Super sweet line drawings, and that’s all we need! Proof that sometimes less is more, and that a few strokes can communicate an impressive amount of ideas. The real world black lines vs. imaginary world red lines begin to draw possibilities all around us, and teach us to see what only our kid-wonder-imagine-brains can.

Not A Box
Written & Illustrated by Antionette Portis 

Pick it up at your local independent bookstore,
like Starline Books in Chattanooga,

or find it here at Amazon!
(Find it in Spanish here!)
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