(SO… this may be our favorite book of all time. Kind of like, if you could put our dream for ELLA into a book and have it made by one of our favorite illustrators of all time???
In a dull, grey city, there lives a little girl named Mira, who is an artist! Her vibrant paintings bring color to her surroundings, and she loves to share her work with the people she meets. One day an artist sees one of her paintings, and it inspires him to paint a mural. Mira comes along and starts painting alongside him, and soon the whole neighborhood is working and playing together in a big mural-painting, flower-planting, music-making party! (And if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to get making art & dancing with your neighbors as soon as you finish reading!!)

Well, Rafael Lopez illustrates here, so there’s no hiding that we absolutely love it. AND this book is actually inspired by his story, so it’s a double win!
Sweet, expressive colors in bold colors, and this art leaves us happy & inspired… and flipping through it over and over again. Surprisingly simple with the biggest effect, and we adore it.

This story gets us on every level: young and old, black, white, brown, artist, musician, even the policeman– all come together to create something beautiful in their neighborhood! It’s the most beautiful display of working together, and sets up a vision we want to share with all of our kids. What would happen if we all came together, even with all our differences, to see what we could achieve together for our community?? Maybe Something Beautiful!!

Maybe Something Beautiful
Written by F. Isabel Campoy & Theresa Howell
Illustrated by Rafael Lopez 

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