Meet our favorite book character ever. Marisol McDonald, fiery & confident– this Scottish-Peruvian-American girl works through who she is in a day-to-day setting that she makes magical & fun. Sure- she likes wearing polka dots & stripes at the same time, playing soccer & pretending she’s a pirate– I mean, why not? She doesn’t fit in anyone’s box, and through a little exploration, encouragement, & working through her feelings about other people’s hurtful words, she learns to totally embrace the fantastic unique girl she is… and the world is so much better off for it!


Sara Palacios brings this delightfully quirky, brave girl to life in her whimsical multi-media artwork. We love to flip through the pages and see all the tiny textures layered in with her lively & relatable characters. We’re definitely keeping an eye out for more of her work, and are happy to get to have this one in our ELLA library!

Working through identity & self-esteem & culture when the world around doesn’t exactly know what to do with a multiracial kid? More of this please! This girl works through so many levels of confusion & sadness in even what might seem like the tiniest interactions with friends & teachers– but in this short story, Monica Brown is able to show the inner workings of a kid’s heart as she wrestles through her big questions! And she comes out so brave & confident, and we are proud to have Marisol McDonald as a role-model character for our kids, who can walk with them & their fantastic unique selves as they grow up & work through these same questions for themselves.
P.S. Monica Brown is our favorite bilingual author, so it’s no wonder we would fall in love with this incredible character!


Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match/Marisol McDonald No Combina
Written by Monica Brown
Illustrated by Sara Palacios

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