In case you haven’t noticed, we have a pretty big soft spot for gardening books!
This sweet little tale follows a miniature Miss Maple through the seasons of the year as she collects, cares for, trains, then releases seeds of all kinds. Even the birds join in to help! Such a sweet look into the tiny-worlds all around us!

This was our first exposure to Eliza Wheeler, and we were entranced right away! Not only are her watercolors beautifully rendered, with alluring landscapes, but also, she creates all these tiny fanastic details that ignite imagination of all the tiny worlds around us. Tiny stairs wrap around a tree, leading up to a sweet seed hideout for the winter, flowers and leaves are tied together to make imaginative flying parachutes or miniature seed-carrying boats. When we finish the book, we’re always ready to head out to make our own!

Miss Maple’s Seeds
Written & illustrated by Eliza Wheeler

Pick it up at your local independent bookstore,
like Starline Books in Chattanooga,

or find it here at Amazon!

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