Ever since she was tiny, Rosie loved to make inventions! A hot dog dispenser, inflatable pants, and a cheese-whiz snake-scaring-hat… her quirky inventions made everyone smile! But one day, her uncle didn’t just smile, he laughed…HARD. And Rosie didn’t know how to respond! She was embarrassed, horrified even- and she stopped making! She swore to put it all away, but over the years, the urge to construct, tinker, and build couldn’t stay hidden inside her. She built a flying machine for her auntie! (Well, it sort of flew…) But what do you think her auntie did? SHE LAUGHED! But as Rosie began packing up her things again to quit inventing for good, her auntie stopped her. She LOVED it! And with a little encouragement, and a good bit of embrace-your-failures-because-that’s-how-you-become-better, the two work together to create Rosie’s most amazing invention yet.

This might be my daughter’s favorite picture book. There is so much to look at!! David Roberts creates these intricate, precise, quirky, intriguing drawings in full bright color with incredible texture. The pages are filled with almost I-spy crazy-stuff-everywhere objects– the whole scene is incredible, but then with closer inspection, each individual item is entrancing on it’s own! We spend so much time looking cloesly at his pattern & line-work, and laughing at the absurd little details. It’s breathtaking, and pretty inspiring. If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to immediately go out and start drawing or building something of your own.

Blonde haired blue-eyed Rosie is the star of this show, but we’re so so in love with her classroom and her family! The whole crew is a gorgeous mix of skin tones, hairstyles, and fashion statements (but seriously, you could spend an hour just appreciating all the amazing outfits), and we’re pretty stoked to have a book that reflects a mixture like our kids’ classrooms. We really really like this best though- as a companion book side-by-side with Ada Twist, Scientist (one of Rosie’s friends & classmates, who is a Black genius experiment-loving can’t-help-but-ask-questions scientist.) The two form a great pair, and together, are a power team of strong women who make women of all cultures and skin colors proud.

Rosie Revere, Engineer
Written by Andrea Beaty
Illustrated by David Roberts

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like Starline Books in Chattanooga,

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