This book puts the reader on the spot with a talking-to-myself back and forth monologue that gets kids of all ages giggling. While one half of the page spurts out hilarious sounds & quirky phrases, the other half blows up in horrified embarrassment. If I’d just read it to myself, I’d have chuckled, but…. I didn’t. I read it to my 3 year old, who was CACKLING. Dear grown-ups, please let yourself be silly, because that is the best sound in the world. We read it over and over again.

So…. this is the book with no pictures.

But there is so much great visual content! The typography definitely communicates, and these word-pictures get kids engaging with content and design in a fresh and entertaining way. 

The Book With No Pictures
Written  by B.J. Novak

Pick it up at your local independent bookstore,
like Starline Books in Chattanooga,

or find it here at Amazon!*

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