Baby goes to the market with his mama, where he experiences the generosity of their neighbors while Mama buys her groceries. Somehow Atinuke turns the most every-day of circumstances into a  sweet, heartwarming tale with poetry and poise- all while seamlessly weaving in counting (and subtracting!). I’m not really sure how she does it, except I’ve seen it in all her writing- rhythmic and rich; it rolls off the tongue easily when the babes ask to read it over and over again. And I’m so glad– because my two-year-old loves this book, so I’ve had plenty of practice. 😉

I love all the color and texture Angela Brooksbank brings us in this book, as she brings to life some of Baby’s first experiences at the market. I imagine all her illustrations through the eyes of a chid, curious and wide-eyed at all the details that maybe the grown-ups have forgotten to notice. From the patterns on their skirts to the smiles on their faces, what I love most about her work here though, are her people. Expressive and energetic and generous. The whole scene is warm and beautiful and reminds me to remember to look for all the sweet things I get too busy to notice.

I first fell in love with Atinuke’s writing when I read Anna Hibiscus’ Song, and immediately grew a soft spot for the gregarious, big-feeling young girl who didn’t know what to do with all her happiness. Here I see it again: This Nigerian author spins a sweet story out of the every day, and offers exactly the kind of story I want to share with my kids: a classic mom-tale for moms everywhere, set in a proudly-Nigerian market. Oranges, palm oil,  chin-chin, roasted corn, yams- Mrs. Ade, Mr. Femi, Mrs. Kunle: these details set the scene (& actually also our table, because I got really hungry reading this) while her generous & engaging neighbors are honest, believable characters I’d like my children to grow up knowing.

Baby Goes to Market
Written by Atinuke
Illustrated by Angela Brooksbank

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