Here are some of my favorite books to help me talk with my kids about Jesus and the gospel of His Kingdom.

Particularly, books that help my family learn to read the Word as a cultured collection of literature, not subject to Western culture or whiteness, and we look for books that help us challenge the cultural assumptions passed down to us & that celebrate every culture & shade of melanin that God has created to reflect His image & glory.

I want my children to know the God who hears the voice of the hurting, who heals the disabled, who laments injustice, who treats every person with dignity and respect- every woman, man, child, no matter their socioeconomic standing, and who brings freedom and a new way in His jubilee Kingdom.

So, here’s a beginner list… (I’ll add more as I remember & find them, but I wanted to go ahead & send this to you.) I am always searching for more, and would love to hear about anything that you’ve found that has been helpful for you and your family as you seek to know Him more.

Picture Books

Board Books



Okay, so… not books. BUT we love the Bible Project! They have all sorts of amazing (free!) videos about how to read the Bible (with lots of great insight about engaging an ancient Hebrew text), looking at key Biblical themes, word studies (addressing the need to pick apart even our words for our cultural assumptions so we can more clearly understand what God wants to teach us through His Word), book studies, & a whole lot more. I watch these even with my toddlers, and while some of them are more suitable for older ages, for us most of these provide opportunities for a lot of great conversations & questions. I pulled out a couple of my favorites for you to sample if you’re not familiar with it. Check it out!

Ones I Haven’t Gotten my hands on yet…

So I’ve seen these ones & would be interested in taking a look at them, but can’t vouch for ’em, but if you’re curious & adventurous or you get your hands on em before I do, let me know what you think!